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Welcome, stranger!

Because of unfathomable twists of fate, you have arrived at my website. This gives me the opportunity to offer you a short summary of said website. This page also details some technical aspects of the site.

About me

At the moment, I’m a pre-doctoral researcher at Ghent University, at the department of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics, with the research group Computational Biology (also called a PhD student).

Should you need to contact me, you can email me at niko AT strijbol DOT be.

You can also view my curriculum vitae.

On this website

This website is a collection of various items I deemed interesting enough to write about. A lot of it will be in Dutch, as the main goal is not to attract a big audience, but to write something in Dutch. The computer science field, we already work mostly in English. This site gives me the opportunity to write in Dutch.

Technical background

This is a static website, meaning a collection of content that is delivered unchanged by the server to your browser, which then does the displaying of said content. To generate this content collection, Nanoc by Denis Defreyne is used. This is a static site generator written in Ruby.

Lay-out and design

As you have noticed, the site has minimal styling. The content should be the focus. The style is mainly based on the LaTeX.css project by Vincent Dörig.

An important change is that this site uses the default fonts of your browser. If the font is not to your liking, you should change the font settings of your browser. You will undoubtedly find instructions to do this with your favourite search engine. This choice is based on my preferences, although I am not the only one, as illustrated by the article In defense of user-defined web fonts by Theodore Keloglou.

Other inspirations and useful references on the subject of typography are:

The text is also justified. To improve readability, your browser should hyphenate the text.

Language usage

You are viewing the English version of this site. Most of the content is Dutch-only, but when I deem it useful, I might translate parts. Do not hesitate to notify me of language-related problems.


This section gives an overview of interesting or otherwise noteworthy changes to the website itself. It does not cover the content.

October 2022

This website now also provides a dark colour scheme, commonly referred to as the “dark mode”. If your browser is configured correctly, you will see a light or dark colour scheme, depending on your preferences.

Tags were added to the articles on the website. This allows you to find related articles quicker.

September 2022

The table of contents will be displayed next to the content on wide screens. Additionally, the table of contents floats in the same place, so you can jump to other sections at all times.