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List of publications

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Below you can find a list of academic papers of which I am a (co-)author.

Strijbol, N., De Proft, R., Goethals, K., Mesuere, B., Dawyndt, P., & Scholliers, C. (2024). Blink: An educational software debugger for Scratch. SoftwareX, vol. 25, p. 101617.

Van Petegem, C., Maertens, R., Strijbol, N., Van Renterghem, J., Van der Jeugt, F., De Wever, B., Dawyndt, P., & Mesuere, B. (2023). Dodona: Learn to code with a virtual co-teacher that supports active learning. SoftwareX, vol. 24, p. 101578.

Strijbol, N., Scholliers, C., Dawyndt, P., 2023. Blink: An Educational Software Debugger for Scratch. Proceedings of the 2023 Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education, vol. 2. Association for Computing Machinery, p. 648.

Strijbol, N., Van Petegem, C., Maertens, R., Sels, B., Scholliers, C., Dawyndt, P., Mesuere, B., 2023. TESTed—An educational testing framework with language-agnostic test suites for programming exercises. SoftwareX, vol. 22, p. 101404.

Van Petegem, C., Deconinck, L., Mourisse, D., Maertens, R., Strijbol, N., Dhoedt, B., De Wever, B., Dawyndt, P., Mesuere, B., 2022. Pass/Fail Prediction in Programming Courses. Journal of Educational Computing Research, p. 68–95.

Maertens, R., Van Petegem, C., Strijbol, N., Baeyens, T., Jacobs, A.C., Dawyndt, P., Mesuere, B., 2022. Dolos: Language-agnostic plagiarism detection in source code. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning.